EMJ Marketing

CLR Results partners with EMJ Marketing to provide the right keynote speaker, sports celebrity or emcee for your event.  With access to famous personalities ranging from local to international celebrities of sports, tv and entertainment, and as the exclusive booking agent for the CFLAA (Canadian Football League Alumni Association),  EMJ can bring in the right speaker for your next event.  For more information on their services visit their web-site at www.emjmarketing.com.

CLR Results Mission

To empower a person or team with the tools needed to successfully execute any project.  To listen intently to the desires of the client and break down their project goal into tangible, attainable, organized tasks that will put them on the path to guaranteed success. To assist in any manner needed to achieve that success.

Summer Solstice Soiree

About Carissa

Carissa Lynn Robb is the taskmaster.  Over her two decade career with events, communications, planning and management, Carissa has taken what she's learned from each activity and formulated a process that works.

Carissa has provided guidance on hundreds of events, served on numerous planning committees and has led many successful projects. Recent successes of CLR Results include:

  • Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development in Saskatchewan's annual Recognition Awards event
  • Louis Riel Relay Days at Batoche National Historic Site two day festival
  • Association of Saskatchewan Urban Parks and Conservation Agencies' strategic plan review refinement
  • Symphony Under the Sky at Motherwell Homestead 

Any event can define a person, business or group.  Ensure the outcome you want with a trusted, experienced organizer. Let CLR Results help you deliver your amazing accomplishment.

What makes CLR Results different is that we allow you total control and direction of your project that in so doing ensures the success is truly your own.  Working closely with you and your team, Carissa will extract your wishes, thoughts and visions and create a formula guaranteed to provide success.

About CLR Results

CLR Results provides a service to assist busy people achieve successful event execution or project completion. Founded by taskmaster Carissa Lynn Robb, CLR Results works with our clients to plan and detail the steps necessary to achieve your desired result. 

We're here to help with any project that is important to you.  It could be a major fundraiser, a crucial meeting, an outdoor concert, your organization's strategic plan and future goals or anything else that requires detailed thought and that matters to you. 

Event and Project Organization